Accio Robotics is an on demand automation company that is building autonomous mobile robots to increase efficiency and optimise material handling task outputs for industries such as warehousing, healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing.

AgriGator is a digital platform that connects traders, processors, wholesalers, and carriers to make the agriculture supply chain more efficient and transparent.

A healthcare app to help women with chronic conditions like PCOS with their deep-tech enabled programs. Ava is also striving to build a community of women to discuss everything about wellness and health.

BatteryPool is a comprehensive SaaS platform for Electric Vehicle fleet operators to deploy EVs on their fleets and manage all aspects of their EV operations (eg. Charging, maintenance, battery health) from a single dashboard.

Bebe Burp is a Tasty and healthy baby food brand

BHyve is a Future of Work SaaS platform that helps companies document and democratize the tacit knowledge of their employees and launch peer learning networks at organizations. BHyve enhances employee productivity by 35% and reduces time lost to search by 30%.

Broomes is an online platform to safely hire verified and trained domestic help.

Bueno Finance is a fintech startup that helps blue-collar workers built their creditworthiness to improve the long-term financial health of the customers.

Burncal combines human expertise along with proprietary computer vision technology to provide personalised 1-1 home fitness training. Using the camera on any device, Burncal's virtual training tech counts your reps, corrects your form and motivates you like a trainer beside you.

Clinify is India’s first marketplace of live interactive courses for students to learn new skills with the help of a mentor and for instructors to make a passive stream of income. They have an engaged community of over 35,000 students from across 2500 colleges and schools.

Cora is a Social Commerce Marketplace for Health Foods. Founded by Ex-Flipkart folks, Cora helps customers discover products suited to their health goals through the guidance and recommendation of a trusted online community.

CRE.CLUB is redefining social commerce by building India’s first social payment method which allows shoppers to pay by social media post at point of sale. Cre club digitizes and automates word of mouth marketing in the online world by democratizing influencer perks, down to the 99% of the social media users and develop a community where the brand and customer “synergistically interact with each other”

DataKund is a no-code, intelligent browser automation tool that allows everyone to build software robots to automate their repetitive work on the web without any programming.

Data Sutram is an AI-backed platform that gathers intel from external data to provide location-based data intelligence.

DCode Care's platform uses its proprietary recommendation engine to assist patients suffering from a chronic illness (such as cancer) discover which doctors and hospitals are the best fit for them based on the patient's clinical and financial assessment.

Decadenz is a Gurugram-based startup working in the consumer goods that creates chocolate-based products.

Dhiyo.ai is a HRTech platform that relies on multilingual conversational AI-powered technology to employ the blue collar workforce.

Doc32 is a dental care startup that leverages on technology to connect customers to dentists and clinics.

FieldProxy is a SaaS platform that helps field servicing companies to better manage their on-field teams. The platform allows business managers and owners to create and deploy custom applications through a simple workflow builder

FilterPixel is an AI-Powered SaaS for photographers to select best photos.

Finline is an online platform for entrepreneurs to create “Project report”​ for their business unit to facilitate fundraising and bank loan approvals.

FnV Farms is a grocery delivery service that provides fruits and vegetables directly sourced from the farm avoiding adulteration.

Foodmonk is a foodtech startup that provides end-to-end solution for cafeteria management to corporates and institutions.

An AgriTech startup that uses an IoT device to capture the environmental factors of a piece of agricultural land, providing farmers with accurate and timely information for irrigation, fertigation, harvesting, soil composition, infestation risks of diseases and pests and weather forecasts for the farm.

Healthy Barks is a fresh food and wellness brand for pets.

Honc is India’s reliable car wash partner.

Humblex is a digital housekeeping assistant, helping companies manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently, at a lower cost

Instasell is the Shopify for Instagram businesses.

Inzpira is a curated marketplace for live English Language learning that allows students to instantly connect with a trainer and learn anytime, from anywhere

A robotics startup manufacturing 2-axis, fully autonomous, water-free, rooftop solar panel cleaning robots to benefit EPC’s customers with extra generation worth $4000/annum/MW.

Karnival is a sales and marketing platform that provides personalized invoices for companies, specifically brick & mortar retailers.

Kerala Banana Chips brings banana chips in a standardised branded format in multiple flavours. We are putting a packet of banana chips besides a packet of potato chips in every store.

Knorish is an edtech startup that allows has users to create courses, market and monetise an online academy for branded digital coursework.

Kroop AI is empowering organizations with deepfake detection services to help them authenticate audio and video samples.

Litifer is an information technology & services startup that develops artificial technology (AI)-powered voice interactive toys for 4-10 year old children.

MicroDegree is democratising coding and job-ready skills for Bharat. MicroDegree teaches coding at an affordable price in local languages and maps non-metro talent with small scale IT jobs.

MindPeers is a mental health tech platform using a combination of deep technology and subject matter experts, creating a quality scalable supply of mental health professionals for a standardized treatment with measurable data outcomes to track progress for employees and consumers.

A Twitter for crypto, Moving is a go-to platform for crypto news, insights, and verified knowledge, where you find amazing investors and friends to learn from.

Nooble is a next-gen social audio app to share your thoughts in 3 min audio-shorts

At OurEye we are bringing cameras to life by deploying a virtual auditor all through cameras & AI. Allowing enterprises to gain real time insights and alerts about any compromise on Standard Operating Procedures and any other deep dive analytics through cameras.

Building digital clinics on WhatsApp

PensionBox is India’s first pension app for the private employed workforce.

Pickright is a fintech platform that connects investors and financial analysts for financial advisory services.

Pocketly is a microlending platform that focuses on college students and building a financial ecosystem around them.

Powerbot offers energy analytics service that helps industries and commercial buildings to optimize their use of electricity by analyzing their electricity usage in real-time to identify saving opportunities.

A marketplace that helps companies scale by connecting them to a network of selected & trained on-demand (''gig'') workers who perform simple task-based jobs on a 'pay-per-performance' system.Their tech platform enables end-to-end work execution and helps companies leverage young Indians as gig workers.

Quizy is a skill-based real money gaming platform that allows people to apply their knowledge to win real cash through their 24*7 contests.

QwikSkills is a practice platform that helps professionals clear cloud & other tech certification exams in their first attempt.

RaseedBook is a digital multilingual receipt book, which helps small businesses generate and send digital invoices.

Redbasil is a B2B marketplace for food supplies.

Reko is an influencer marketing platform, which pays users based on the content they share.

Renacle is a Pune-based bicycle sharing platform that provides cycles for gated communities and events.

Road Metrics provides a way to monitor road conditions real-time and navigates users to the most time-saving and safe route possible.

SaleAssist is AI powered Live Video Commerce solution offering the best of both worlds by delivering convenience of online shopping & retail store like assistance by engaging site visitor over 1:1 Live Video Call & giving retail store like interactive & personalized shopping experience.

A customer-centric, standardized and device-based secure authentication solution for apps and websites, removing the need for password authentications and OTPs.

SimpliClariFy enables students to get mentored by their career twins.

A Talent Mobility Marketplace connecting companies to share full-time employees. It acts like a cloud talent empowering companies to adopt to flexible employment model.

Solvio is a deep-tech education company. Solvio helps edtech companies to assess and grade handwritten and digital subjective answers of students using computer vision and natural language processing. It can understand graphs, math expressions, text, geometry and charts.

SpoofSense is a Deep learning SaaS that enables businesses to detect face spoofing attacks

Strive is India’s first school for live and interactive cohort based courses in passion and creative domains

Super Scholar is the go-to place for Gen-Z students to win EdTech scholarships.

Talkie is a voice-only, real-time chat platforms for remote teams to communicate effectively

The Renal Project is an healthcare startup that operates a chain of dialysis micro-centres.

Snug is a business network platform that allows users to meet talent experts around their area.

Utsav is Social Community platform for Faith & Divinity.

Vecros is building a new standard for all autonomous inspections using computer vision, edge computing and drones that centralize planning, execution, and analysis of fault reporting that is 10 time faster, cheaper and safer for enterprises.

Vitra.ai is a simple drag-and-drop application where you can translate videos with the voice and lipsync to 50+ languages with just 1-click. Vitra.ai is 100x faster and 96% cheaper than Manual translation today.

WayFr is a SaaS platform for 5 million+ freight businesses in the USA.

Wizzy.ai is intelligent site search for eCommerce Stores.

ZuPay is India's premier investing platform for teenagers with parental oversight.