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Jul 18, 2021
Scaling an Online Business with Kinner Sachdev


is an all-in-one ed-tech platform that is on a mission to make online learning the new norm for the next billion users. Kinner Sachdev, the Co-founder of Knorish talks about scaling an online business. 

Online learning has become the primary mode of education due to the ongoing pandemic. As the world is going digital in the new world, people are finding ways to improve their skills online. 

The pandemic has closed many channels of conducting business. Due to this, many educators and experts have started using Knorish for teaching subjects and skills. They have custom-built their online stores to reach people in many cities because of which some of these new entrepreneurs have even started earning 5-10 lakhs within the first few weeks of launch. 

Table of Contents


  • Consumer trends during COVID-19
  • About Knorish
  • Technical Skills
  • Costing
  • Is Knorish a marketplace?
  • Trending Categories
  • Features of Knorish
  • Recommended Businesses
  • Courses on Knorish
  • Key Metrics for Businesses
  • Future Plans
  • Closing Comments
  • Q&A

Consumer trends during COVID-19

Earlier, there was an increasing demand for offline institutes for education. Students from all over the country reached Kota in thousands, for education. However, the scenario has changed currently, emphasizes Kinner. The consumption patterns of consumers have drastically changed. There is no option of visiting the physical institutes due to the pandemic. People are forced to go online because learning needs to continue. 

Now that the people have seen the possibility of distance education, they are starting to adapt to the change.


About Knorish

One must go through the process of four steps for creating an online business. First is finding your niche and content. Then one must plan their live class and put the content together. After they’ve built their website or web app, they can start conducting classes, set a price, and do marketing on social media apps. Once this is done, people start attending classes or buying products. 

In a nutshell, one needs to: 

  • Finalize content
  • Get the design right, build the web app
  • Get the technology for delivering it. Set the price
  • Learn how to start marketing


is the one-stop platform for performing these tasks. 

Technical Skills


was created with the purpose of easing the concept of online business for educators and experts. The interface of the application is designed in a manner that even a person with no technical skills can navigate through it. Kinner underlines the needlessness of programmers for creating their online business on Knorish. In case of any difficulties, there is a team of business specialists ready to handhold you through the process. Through video calling or screen sharing, the professionals help people of any background to start their online business. 



aims at being accessible to anyone around the world regardless of their financial capability. Plans start from as low as Rs.1000 per month. 99% of people have been able to recover this amount from the sale of their first course. The next levels are 6000 and 20,000 rupees plans. 

Apart from this, there is a transaction fee. If you’re trying to sell a course, Knorish charges 

you a fee for using their in-built payment service. 

So, there are two components of costing on Knorish as mentioned by Kinner:  

  • Monthly free
  • Transaction fee

Is Knorish a marketplace?

No, states Kinner. On marketplaces like Amazon, when you’re trying to sell your services, you will face an uneven competition from already established sellers on the platform. However, Knorish is completely the opposite. It creates a customized personal environment for your offerings by giving you the space to create your own website. The people you send on the platform, will only see your services and enroll for it. 

Trending Categories 

Individual trainers form the largest category in Knorish. They vary among domains like dance, physics, chemistry, math, leadership coaches, and schools building courses, among others. Educators and experts on Knorish are talking about coding, inspiration, cooking, and motivation among other topics. 

Out of all, cooking courses are one of the bestsellers on the platform. There are also many courses on candle making, pottery, sketching drawing, ballet dancing, etc. 

Features of Knorish


provides comprehensive services to ease the process of setting up an online business for common people. The content of your website needs to be in written or video format. Written content is in the form of blogs, e-books, and PDFs. All you need to do is decide the type of your course. The technical team at Knorish will guide you through the setting up process. 

Recommended Businesses 

There is a massive demand for Personal Development courses in India and internationally. Skill courses that teach candle making, guitar tunes, ways to become a professional, etc. are also being requested widely. 

Courses on Knorish

Out D Box Academy, SPY Academy.com, Enrichment Academy.com, and tieinstitute.in are the recommended courses on Knorish. At Knorish, the team will be launching a showcase to show the top 5-10 most well-doing academies every month for the consumers to make a wise choice.  

Key Metrics for Businesses 

If one wants more views for the video, ensure that its key metric is small. Track the number of landings on your page through Facebook, Google, or any app tool and check the efficiency of your funnel conversion. Depending on the funnel efficiency and the money spent on ads, you can set the price for your course. 

Future Plans 

Listed below are the future plans of Knorish

  • Launching more tools for businesses
  • Convenient mobile accessibility
  • Expanding the accessibility of Live Stream to every educator and expert
  • International expansion

Closing Comments

Kinner says if you have a skill, go out and teach it. You get to make an impact on people’s lives and generate revenue. Online courses are one of the hottest selling commodities right now. I invite you on the platform to see how you can turn your hobby and skill into a profession.


Q. Is Knorish similar to Shopify? 

No. If one is doing coaching consulting, one needs to live stream, and these are a completely different set of technologies. You need video on demand, discussion forums, user authentication, certification, and assessment. That’s what Knorish is for, whereas Shopify is built for physical products. 

Q. Can a teacher use your services? 

Yes. 95% of people in Knorish are teachers teaching 50 or 100 people at max. One can build their own website or write blogs saying “I teach physics and here is the link to my videos”. Send that link to your students, and they can start paying you for classes. 

Q. What kind of recording quality is expected for audio and video?

Now with the devices that we have (mobile phones), one can create excellent content, and a microphone can be bought within Rs.600-1500 range. Stand in front of natural lighting and record your videos. Any quality of video and audio can be uploaded on the platform. 

Q. Do you have any restrictions concerning the content? 

No. We are not capping any bandwidth or storage so you can put as much as you have in any format - Doc, PDF file, PowerPoint, or Excel.

Q. Do you bind the course with exclusivity on your platform?

No. It’s open for people to try and experiment with other avenues. We’re offering to build your site. All the intellectual property stays with you. So you can take it away whenever you want. 

Q. How do I collect payments? 

One does not need to add any third-party integrations for accepting payments. Knorish has an integrated payment gateway that collects payments for the services. Business can be monetized from day 1. 

Q. Right now, K12 and Higher Education think if they’ve installed MS Teams they’ve gone digital. Any comments on it? 

In any video conferencing app like MS Teams, when the session ends, everything ends. On the contrary, Knorish enables you to distribute content based on classes. This is the true sense of going digital for online education. 

Q. Any trial period on the platform? 

The platform has a trial period of 30 days, and can be monetized during that period. Knorish is also working on building a free plan with higher transaction fees. 

Q. I have modules for school teacher training for health. How can I come on Knorish

Go to knorish.com and talk to one of our consultants. Watch the first quick start video for a few minutes, and talk to Knorish through live chat or call on the customer service. 

Q. How would you address the vernacular education market, especially handwritten assessment and tasks?  


has academicians working in Sanskrit, Bhojpuri, and other languages. The platform lets one build the content in any language. The assessment engine enables one to put subjective questions or objective questions. People can create an intelligent engine in the back-end for actual questions where it does not need humans to mark it. It can even include certification. For handwritten tasks, users should ask their target audience to adapt to the online change. 

Q. Can Knorish be accessed globally, or is there a geographical restriction? 

Yes, anyone can use it in any part of the world. Knorish has a Content Distribution Network (CDN) spread across the globe with some of the best cloud services out there on the internet. In the US, the user can connect the Stripe payment account with Knorish and start collecting payments in the local domain. 


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