We fund exceptional Indian founders.

100X.VC is the first VC to invest in early stage startups using India SAFE Notes.

We move fast. We value time.

We are in the people business. We work hard to inspire confidence and engage with every stakeholder. We deeply value our relationships with founders, co-investors, and corporations.

After investing in a startup, 100X.VC effectively becomes their coach, strategy consultant, business mentor, and trusted advisor. We work closely with founders helping them get to the next round of funding and beyond.

Ideas are fragile. We nurture them at 100X.VC.


We look at

1. Founding Team
2. Market Size Opportunity
3. Business Model Strength
4. Unfair Advantage, Moat
5. Conviction of a minimum 20X returns.


We provide startups seed capital of INR 2.5 million using iSAFE notes as the first cheque. We believe founders at seed stage need business direction, mentoring and lots of preparation before scaling up. Our intensive founder engagement is designed to help them scale. We become the defacto lead Investor and promote the startup to get discovered by growth-stage investors for a larger capital fund raise. Once funded by 100X.VC, startups are part of an experienced set of VC Partners who have unparalleled access to a network of investors in India and across the world to help raise capital to scale up.

We are not:

1. Angel Network
2. Accelerator
3. Investment Banker
4. Incubator
5. Syndicate
6. Crowdfunding

We are a trusted VC Partner with a focus on helping our portfolio companies raise growth capital.


We are a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser and CAT I AIF.

Our sponsors are Mehta Ventures, the Family Office Investment arm of Sanjay Mehta. For details, visit: www.mehtaventures.co