Mohit Gulati

Mohit Gulati
Managing General Partner, ITI Growth Opportunities Venture Fund

"In my opinion what Team 100X.VC brings to the Indian early-stage investing space is 'A Method to Madness'. When the probability of success in space lies at single-digit percentage then why must the documentation be so exhaustive? Sanjay & team are seasoned practitioners and worthy pioneers in the iSAFE Notes- an instrument that allows a crop of young entrepreneurs to Build quickly vs worry about legality/documentation/deal structuring. We wish them all the very best and would look forward to working together in this space!"

ITI Go aims at breaking the norms of old practice and accelerating the aspirations of young entrepreneurs by mentoring and investing in their dream ventures. ITI Go takes pride in being led by a young team mentored by experienced fund managers with the ability to understand young business.

ITI Go VCF is a proposed SEBI registered AIF Cat 2 Fund which has a sector agnostic approach towards venture investing.

Our speer spot on deals from the fund ranges between 100k to 450k USD. Besides that the group is always open to participate in large secondary transactions Available in Series B and upwards cos.

Mohit Gulati has also been an active angel investor.

You can learn more about ITI Growth Opportunities Venture Fund here