Gaurav Sachdeva

Gaurav Sachdeva
Managing Partner, JSW Ventures

"We look forward to working with 100X.VC by integrating their investments into our deal pipeline and for value-adds to our portfolio companies. We also think that iSAFE was a much needed intervention in early stage financing; it will help streamline funding, reduce negotiation time so that the founders and 100X.VC can focus on what they do best - building world-class companies."

Gaurav Sachdeva is Managing Partner at JSW Ventures - an early-stage technology-focused fund sponsored by JSW Group. Set up in 2015, JSW Ventures partners with passionate entrepreneurs focussed on leveraging technology to build capital efficient businesses.

In a career spanning more than 18 years, Gaurav has passionately built businesses across banking, technology and investing. Gaurav was a founding member of Corporate Finance teams at Citibank, N.A. & Bank of America and led sales for Infosys in Continental Europe. Gaurav is extremely passionate about the role of technology in transforming business models and building consumer experience. At JSW Ventures, he actively manages Purplle, Indus OS, LimeTray and HomeLane.

Gaurav is an MBA from Indian School of Business.

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