Data Sutram Raises Subsequent Round of Funding

Our class 01 startup, Data Sutram, raised $267,000 from investors Uday Sodhi, Mitesh Shah, and Nitin Jain of the Indian Angel Network in August 2020. A follow-up round after 100X.VC’s investment in the startup back in November 2019, Data Sutram is ramping up to scale rapidly and sustainably. 

The AI-based platform that gathers intel from external data to provide location-based data intelligence was founded in 2018 by three Jadavpur University engineering students, Rajit Bhattacharya, Aisik Paul, and Ankit Das. The goal was to capitalize on insights that can be gleaned from massive amounts of unstructured data from multiple sources. This unfiltered data, when cleaned, geotagged, and filtered, becomes a goldmine for businesses. 

Data Sutram operates on a B2B model, leveraging its technology to help businesses make key decisions such as determining new locations to expand to, improving performance of existing assets (physical and digital), and micro-targeting the right audience for a product launch. Currently, they operate in the pharmacy, FMCG, and grocery segments, with plans to expand into BFSI, agritech, and the media and entertainment space too. 

COVID-19 has caused a global, pan-industry shift online. Moving forward. businesses cannot survive without data. At a time like this, Data Sutram’s subsequent funding comes at the right time. They can capitalize on the current requirement to scale their business and allow businesses across sectors to avail key insights needed to navigate a turbulent period in time. 

We wish the Data Sutram team the very best in their endeavors. The 100X.VC team will continue to remain a close ally as they take steady strides to dominate the market. 

- 100X.VC Team

Published on: August 5, 2020