What Are The Trends Driving Digital Adoption?

Nikhil Vora, Founder, and CEO,  Sixth Sense Ventures, Sanjay Mehta, Founder and partner,100X.VC, Murali Krishna V Head of investment and strategy, Kolte Patil Group, speak to Ms. Janani Janarthanan, of BWBusinessworld editorial team about trends that influence digital adaptation in today's day and age

Janani Janarthanan: What are the new trends you have seen in the last few months, and how much change do you see happening in the market at the moment? 

Nikhil Vora: A lot has happened in the last few months, I mean things that would have happened in the next five to eight years have just got fast-tracked due to the pandemic, and these changes are not exclusive to any one domain, changes have taken places across all domains. The shift has not happened due to the pandemic only although it was a driving force, the change in consumers' behavior has also resulted in these new changes. 

Sanjay Mehta: In terms of investment there was a disruption due to the virtual shift, but in terms of opportunity we have seen major growth, especially due to the shift in the consumer’s behavior the market has opened up and we are seeing a new opportunity for growth and investment. Another major opportunity in change which we have seen is the home economy, we are today due to delivering everything at the doorsteps of the consumers, now there are many applications coming out in the market which is exploring the home economy. However, this area remains to be explored as we have to find ways to deliver things to the doorsteps of the consumer. 

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- 100X.VC Team

Published on: April 26, 2021