NewsPatrolling: 100X.VC announces Class 02 investments

100X.VC has officially announced its Class 02 investments – 9 seed-stage start-ups from diverse sectors, at the all online VC Pitch Day, held on 18th September 2020. There were 1500+ investors from across the world who registered for the event.

Class 02 startups were funded through iSAFE notes, which have been pioneered by 100X.VC and has become a popular instrument for early stage investments.

100X.VC has partnered with many of the leading VCs in the Indian startup ecosystem. All these Growth stage VCs, and many hundreds more, attended the online VC Pitch Day to see 100X.VC’s Class 02 startups. Selected from a batch of over 4,500 applications, these startups are promoted by bright founders looking to disrupt their respective industries.

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- 100X.VC Team

Published on: September 22, 2020