Inc42: Now Is The Opportune Time For Small Cheque Investors, Says 100X.VC’s Sanjay Mehta

One of the most active angel investors in India, 100X.VC cofounder Sanjay Mehta pegged the current economic crisis as a great opportunity for small cheque investors. He argued that in such times of crisis, there’s a human instinct in investors to pull out of the market but to make returns in venture investing, one should be ready to make contrarian bets.

Contrary to the popular opinion that VC funding will dry up in these times, Mehta said that the venture capital business does not stop. However, he agreed that there will be a reset in the space and transactional players like private equity, hedge funds, investment banks, and corporate venture capital will take a pause for next year or so.

He added that tourist VCs who are like setting up shop in India or those trying to take advantage of VC glamour by backing cash-burn will shut shops, but traditional VCs like Sequoia, Accel will definitely continue investing. There might be a temporary slowdown but for VCs, but it would be business as usual after a few months.

- 100X.VC Team

Published on: April 28, 2020