359 Founders from 197 Startups get inducted to 100X Gurukul Cohort 2

After receiving a positive response on the first batch of 100X Gurukul, 100X.VC today announced the launch of the second batch of their 12-week not-for-profit initiative from 6th September. India’s leading early-stage venture capital firm has been providing budding entrepreneurs with a unique education platform free of cost since early this year through their 100X Gurukul. The program has industry experts along with 100X Partner team who catalyses the conversion of ideas into startup businesses through master classes as well as their real-life experiences. It includes pre-recorded video lectures, live masterclasses by experienced and well-known entrepreneurs and investors.

The second batch applications were higher than the previous, 100X.VC received 307 applications, of which 197 startups were shortlisted. Shortlisted founders - 359 founders from 197 startups-  were finalised based on their ability to solve a challenging problem, making a real difference through the solutions, the potential to scale their solution, and the vision of the founders – purpose-driven.

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- 100X.VC Team

Published on: September 4, 2021