CLASS 02 OF 2020

A healthcare app to help women with chronic conditions like PCOS with their deep-tech enabled programs. Ava is also striving to build a community of women to discuss everything about wellness and health.

BatteryPool is a comprehensive SaaS platform for Electric Vehicle fleet operators to deploy EVs on their fleets and manage all aspects of their EV operations (eg. Charging, maintenance, battery health) from a single dashboard.

An AgriTech startup that uses an IoT device to capture the environmental factors of a piece of agricultural land, providing farmers with accurate and timely information for irrigation, fertigation, harvesting, soil composition, infestation risks of diseases and pests and weather forecasts for the farm.

A robotics startup manufacturing 2-axis, fully autonomous, water-free, rooftop solar panel cleaning robots to benefit EPC’s customers with extra generation worth $4000/annum/MW.

MindPeers is a mental health tech platform using a combination of deep technology and subject matter experts, creating a quality scalable supply of mental health professionals for a standardized treatment with measurable data outcomes to track progress for employees and consumers.

At OurEye we are bringing cameras to life by deploying a virtual auditor all through cameras & AI. Allowing enterprises to gain real time insights and alerts about any compromise on Standard Operating Procedures and any other deep dive analytics through cameras.

A marketplace that helps companies scale by connecting them to a network of selected & trained on-demand (''gig'') workers who perform simple task-based jobs on a 'pay-per-performance' system.Their tech platform enables end-to-end work execution and helps companies leverage young Indians as gig workers.

A Talent Mobility Marketplace connecting companies to share full-time employees. It acts like a cloud talent empowering companies to adopt to flexible employment model.

A customer-centric, standardized and device-based secure authentication solution for apps and websites, removing the need for password authentications and OTPs.