CLASS 01 OF 2019

AgriGator is a digital platform that connects traders, processors, wholesalers, and carriers to mage the agriculture supply chain more efficient and transparent.

Alluzo is a digital multilingual receipt book, which helps small businesses generate and send digital invoices.

Bueno Finance is a fintech startup that helps blue-collar workers built their creditworthiness to improve the long-term financial health of the customers.

Cymour is a Pune-based bicycle sharing platform that provides cycles for gated communities and events.

Data Sutram is an AI-backed platform that gathers intel from external data to provide location-based data intelligence.

Decadenz is a Gurugram-based startup working in the consumer goods that creates chocolate-based products. is a HRTech platform that relies on multilingual conversational AI-powered technology to employ the blue collar workforce.

Doc32 is a dental care startup that leverages on technology to connect customers to dentists and clinics.

Finline is an online platform for entrepreneurs to create “Project report”​ for there business unit to facilitate fundraising and bank loan approvals.

FnV Farms is a grocery delivery service that provides fruits and vegetables directly sourced from the farm avoiding adulteration.

Foodmonk is a foodtech startup that provides end-to-end solution for cafeteria management to corporates and institutions.

Karnival is a sales and marketing platform that provides personalized invoices for companies, specifically brick & mortar retailers.

Knorish is an edtech startup that allows has users to create courses, market and monetise an online academy for branded digital coursework.

Litifer is an information technology & services startup that develops artificial technology (AI)-powered voice interactive toys for 4-10 year old children.

Pickright is a fintech platform that connects investors and financial analysts for financial advisory services.

Pocketly is a microlending platform that focuses on college students and building a financial ecosystem around them.

Reko is an influencer marketing platform, which pays users based on the content they share.

Road Metrics provides a way to monitor road conditions real-time and navigates users to the most time-saving and safe route possible.

The Renal Project is an healthcare startup that operates a chain of dialysis micro-centres.

Snug is a business network platform that allows users to meet talent experts around their area.