Why we Invested in Data Sutram

Market research is of primary importance for all businesses -- a  new business wanting to start operations and an existing business wanting to keep growing. In a country like India, supply is usually not sufficient to meet the demand in many places. The problem lies with the access to resources rather than shortage of stock. DataSutram’s Location Intelligence platform helps organisations solve the supply chain problem.  It helps E-commerce, Brick and Mortar retailers, pharmacies and other businesses with location-based intelligence solutions to identify the most efficient and cost effective approach to reach and understand the target customers.

With the power of location intelligence, DataSutram offers a simple solution to analyse demand patterns, reach out to the target market and plan resource supplies accordingly. External data points are studied to make internal business decisions. Rapid growth of micro-targeting through social media drives technology and connects brands with the people better than ever. Intelligent marketing revolutionizes the way brands communicate with both existing and potential customers. The AI backbone provides characteristic features and trends of customers in each and every granular location, combining varying insights from a population by Big Data analytics and geotagging customer, store or brand information. This enables the user to reach the right people with the right content at the right time.

Market Opportunity

Current global Location Intelligence market size is $10.6 Bn and is expected to grow to $22.8 Bn by 2024. DataSutram’s AI platform KHOJ converts data into actionable insights for Retailers and businesses in E-commerce, Pharma, Banking & Finance, EV charging, Real Estate and others. Optimisation of resources and micro-targeting through tech-based solutions has become the latest trend for businesses to acquire the target market. 

Brands and companies struggle with finding the right place, keeping the right product portfolio and identifying the right effective marketing strategy due to lack of location intelligence. DataSutram’s model successfully provides the solution to optimise operational efficiencies.

Where it all began

College friends Rajit, Ankit and Aisik founded DataSutram in their final year of engineering. They identified how external data points can be used as a key indicator for making business decisions. From a college assignment with the Government of West Bengal to make agricultural decisions using satellite data, to making a location-based AI solution for businesses, these spirited engineers have come a long way. They spent a year working with companies to understand the product market fit, market trends and identified challenges faced. KHOJ helps businesses by providing data-driven solutions which assess their economic potential, product demand, site evaluation of a store and understands the source of traffic. 


DataSutram provides a unique solution for an ever-growing Indian market with disposable incomes. Location intelligence was, is and will always be critical for companies to push their brands – most of them lagging behind due to the lack of it. There is a strong potential for a niche player like Datasutram to capture the market as there are no existing domestic competitors providing location-based intelligence to businesses.

100X.VC believes in the potential of these founders and in their creation. Rajit, Ankit and Aisik are motivated individuals and have  a perfect understanding of the product market fit. They have strategically taken advantage of the COVID situation by helping businesses optimise their resources and reach target customers. The algorithm has captured data points all over India and the next step for them would be to capture the global market.

- 100X.VC Research Team

Published on: August 21, 2020