SimpliClarify: 100X.VC Investment Thesis



The decision to pursue a career is a crucial step in a student's life. It has an impact on a variety of decisions he or she makes depending on their employment choices. The career one decides to follow influences the subject, university, institution, organisation, and job profile one picks.Even after graduation, it is common to discover students who are unsure about their job choice or who have not completed their education. They are doubtful of their degrees since they don't seem to have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish with them. The average cost of switching careers can be just as expensive, costing a student an estimated £70,000 over a two-year period. Every student who regrets his/her choice at one point thinks if they only knew the future, they wouldn’t have made such an error. Data suggests that 9 out of 10 students regret their career choices.

Rohil and Kamal while working at JP Morgan and Siemens Helathineers, respectively, used to get a lot of messages via LinkedIn or email related to career advice. Together they discussed and saw the gap. They found out that decision making & defining the process is the most important part of a student's journey and at the same time it is the most underserved part of that journey. To bridge the gap, they thought of launching a platform where students can talk to relevant people who have been in the same situation or have the proper experience to guide. Additionally, they aim to make the platform affordable for these students.  

Simpliclarify is a one stop platform for students to get mentored by their career twins i.e individuals who have had a similar journey and are just a step ahead of them. In simple words, students can interact with similar individuals/alumni, who will guide them, define the steps to their goals and will help prevent mentees from making the mistakes that they made during their career selection. In turn, the student pays money to the mentor for booking his time slots available on the SimpliClariFy website. Their algorithm recommends students with various career paths and multiple career twins attached to them. This recommendation is based on 10+ weighted parameters like interests, academic score etc. 

They are currently focusing on undergrad engineering students who plan to go abroad for higher education, sit for placements for a job or become an entrepreneur Students can book 1-1 Video calls with these career twins to get clarity into their individual goals. They have a college focused GTM where they seed individual colleges for mentors and users until they reach a critical mass on campus.

Market Opportunity 

For early adoption, Simpliclarify plans to target 37.4 Mn students studying in Indian Colleges out of the total available market which stands at 1.2 Bn students globally. The simple but impressive idea of connecting students with similar individuals who have been in the same position seems to create a huge impact on the lives of many students. The problems such as lack of clarity about future professions & career options, parental pressure, and peer influence form a base of this product. 

100X.VC Thesis

Till now, students have been using different channels to get clarity of their doubts regarding career options and professions. The founders have streamlined the whole process by helping students interact with the relevant mentors. 100X believes that the founders are real hustlers and trying to solve a problem which is faced by many. 


Due to rising awareness of making appropriate career choices among the students, the market seems to grow exponentially. We wish the founders and team luck for getting on this amazing journey to solve a real problem. 

- 100X.VC Team

Published on: December 15, 2021