SaffronStays Founder Devendra Parulekar speaks on Sanjay Mehta

'Sanjay Mehta's mentorship is worth so much more than all the money invested'
Devendra Parulekar, Co-Founder SaffronStays
In his journey of starting up, SaffronStays founder Devendra Parulekar considers Sanjay to him what Lord Krishna was to Arjun.
Sanjay has been with them from the time SaffronStays was merely an idea. According to Devendra, it was his conviction that helped them take the plunge. From the time they pivoted from the aggregator model where we had 2000 homes, to the time they started managing and operating homes, his insight has been critical and has always helped them take decisions. Devendra's favourite part about working with Sanjay is not that he gives the answers, but that he asks the right questions that elucidate the answer.
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- 100X.VC Team

Published on: October 22, 2019