Inzpira: 100X Investment Thesis


Managing time for self-development amidst a hectic work schedule is a big concern and challenge for most working professionals. Soft-Skills are the need of the hour and a person who is better in communication and has a better personality trait, tends to do better in their career. Busy day-to-day schedules restrict early & mid-career professionals & students from pursuing a course that would help them develop their self-hood. This is a common scenario today which needs to change. Due to the fixed learning schedule followed in most physical institutes and the self-paced courses that are notoriously famous for a terrible completion rate, people are sceptical about joining a course even though it brings much more value to them. 
When it comes to language learning, it is a known fact that the more you practice, the better you become. Most online language training organizations follow one trainer-one student approach where the classes are either taken in a batch or one-to-one between the trainer & the student. In both types, the students are forced to follow the schedule of the trainers, which defeats the purpose of flexibility via online medium. 
Inzpira has absorbed the benefits of a physical institute and merged it with the pros of an online platform. Inzpira is an online soft-skills training company that offers various courses for communicative English Skills Development, Personality Development, Public Speaking & Interview Skills preparation. Their AI-enabled platform lets students instantly connect with a trainer who shares a similar interest, hobby, profession, region, or language and start learning any time as per the students’ convenience. 

The founding team at Inzpira consists of Rohith Namboothiri and Sruthy Ramesh. Rohith, a business administration graduate from Madurai Kamaraj University and a second time entrepreneur handles technology, marketing and business expansion at the company. Sruthy is a B.Tech Computer Science Graduate and now handles the Sales/Operations and Administrative Functions at Inzpira.
Market Opportunity

The English language learning market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2020 to 2027 to reach $54.92 billion by 2027. English language learning nowadays has become a necessity in order to sustain in a competitive world. Vendors are focusing on offering solutions that can provide easy and effective communication. Factors such as penetration of artificial intelligence in e-learning, the rising importance of the English language for business and professional reasons, increased investments in English language learning start-ups and small companies, and affordable English language learning applications are driving the growth of this market.

Impact of COVID-19: Amidst this pandemic, business leaders are compelled to protect their employees and reduce the spread. The major goal of companies is to suspend operations and eliminate non-critical business travel during the outbreak. Also, most of the companies have allowed work-from-home, which is inevitable in the current situation. Due to this, there has been a surge in interest among professionals to learn the English language, thereby expanding the ELL market.

Inzpira is the first company to enter the Indian Market which provides AI powered instant trainers connect with centralized lesson plans and structures and where non-native speakers can undergo training, get certified and thus qualify to provide further training.

100X Thesis

Inzpira  has developed a unique, proven and innovative methodology to help people learn a language just like how a person learns their mother tongue.  At  Inzpira, they consider English  Language  as a ‘Letter Island,’ a small island country located somewhere in the North Atlantic ocean, 70 kms West of England. The total population of this beautiful island is just 26. The only predominant political party here is known as Alphabets. The entire language is taught through the conversations, problems and situations these 26 people face in their small Letter Island. 

100X.VC believes there is a strong market for creating a focussed location for learning English from qualified western teachers for India audiences. Inzpira will be a global education technology company that connects users with the world’s best teachers for real-time online English immersion learning. Also, apart from the strong market, their Uber for language concept, where a centralized training approach where all their trainers are hand-picked and trained by them, thus maintaining consistent quality across the platform. The students get to interact with multiple trainers, thus instilling confidence and an opportunity to practice language and get detailed individual feedback from them directly. Furthermore, the way Inzpira operates and the way they collect and preserve data, it has the ability to launch a lot of similar products in the future and thus expand their market share.


“Inzpira is not a business, but a platform for the world to master an art that can be used to learn any spoken language. One day, we hope schools and colleges, around the world teach their students, the Inzpira way”  – Rohith Namboothiri

Rohith and Sruthy, both driven by common interests and the idea of helping people who faced a similar situation to theirs, had been working on the idea for countless days and developing a remarkable product, when they approached us for funding. Inzpira is on its way to becoming one of the biggest players in its respective market with the growth they have shown since inception. With many more exciting ideas in their pipeline, 100X.VC believes in the founders passion and potential and wishes them a path of exponential growth


- 100X.VC Team

Published on: May 19, 2021