Founder's Dating February 2021

A lot of factors go into a successful start-up, such as market need, financing, a viable business model, technology but finding the right team – more specifically, the right co-founder or co founders is one of the most crucial and difficult steps. Having two founders on the team, rather than one, significantly increases a start-up’s odds of success. Start-ups will be more successful when they have balanced partners. Many founders make the mistake of finding a co-founder who is exactly like them, rather than finding someone with complementary skills.


At 100X.VC we are constantly on the lookout to solve the problems faced by early-stage companies and finding a cofounder is one of the biggest issues encountered by founder’s. Founders’ Dating is a not-for-profit initiative that we started to help founder’s tackle this issue . We do this by connecting start-up founders with individuals talented in the skills that they are looking for. Last time we had over 600+ registrations and over 40 participants in the event  but this time we increased the scale to cater to the overwhelming response for the event .With over 900 registrations, the event was held for a curated group of 30+ start-ups and 60+ experts from Business, Technology, Finance and Marketing domains over the Airmeet platform.

Here are some of the comments post the event:-


 “Had a great time at event and met few talented folks. Kudos to all who made the event happen.”


“The event was a good opportunity to meet several interesting people. Thanks for putting this together!”


“It’s an awesome event and I really enjoyed networking sitting at home”


“It was extremely fruitful to be a part of the founder’s dating event. I am actively pursuing one candidate for a CTO role in our company”


We know that Onboarding a co-founder is a multi-step process. At our Founders’ Dating event, it is our objective to use our network to provide you an opportunity to have at least 10-15 conversations with potential co-founders. Many times we are asked is co-founder necessary for a start-up. It is definitely possible to start a company as a solo founder. In fact, 30% of companies we have invested in so far were started by solo founders. However, the benefits of having a competent co-founder far outweigh the cons. After all, having the right skills for an early-stage company can make or break it. Having the right co-founder is not only for managing the work but also is important to manage the emotional ups and downs of starting a company. A co-founding team is the backbone of the company, on which the rest of the team hinges. Every decision you make  will resonate within the organization for years to come. It is important to strike the right balance at all points of time. With a co-founder, that process is significantly simpler. As a team, you create a holistic impact on your team, your distributors and vendors, your clients, and, of course, your investors.


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Starting out is no mean feat - a co-founder is someone who will keep you grounded, even as you push each other to raise the bar toward success!

- 100X.VC Team

Published on: February 17, 2021