Class 01 of 2019 at 100X.VC

At 100X.VC, we believe in the India story. We have strong conviction that there are many gritty entrepreneurs who will build innovative solutions to the myriad daily problems. In order to make the India story move faster, we will work closely with the founders at early stage and guide them.

We also believe that fundraising should be made simpler for founders. Their time should be spent on finishing due process at the earliest and growing the company. Hence, we have released a unique instrument -- iSAFE or the India Simple Agreement for Future Equity. Through this, founders can put away the dreaded valuation conversation to a later stage. Founders retain their powers, as the instrument takes very few rights from them. Lastly, iSAFE can be executed in days - allowing founders to refocus on growth quickly.
“Our only goal is to help startup founders grow and succeed.”
100X.VC has created a unique model to fund and nurture seed stage startups of India. We plan to run 4 classes every year consisting of 20-25 startups in each class. We will invest INR 2.5 million to 10 million per startup using India SAFE Notes as the first institutional investor. For each company, we will ignite possibilities of exponential growth. We will be the finishing school for India’s startup founders.

What is Class 01 of 2019?

Class 01 is the first batch of 20-25 startups which would receive seed investment, mentoring and an opportunity to raise the next round of funding for growth. To join the Class 01 of 2019, founders need to send their investment deck at

What kind of companies will be selected for Class 01 of 2019?

We like to work with young companies that offer a product or service that is not currently being offered elsewhere. We are sector agnostic and welcome companies from all verticals with innovative business models. We like companies that are in their initial stage of its operations, looking to scale, and are either pre-revenue or have just commenced revenue generation.

What is the evaluation criteria for Class 01 of 2019?

The companies we invest in would typically have:

  1. Full Time founders with complementary skill sets, and well defined roles for business, technology, and operations.
  2. Exhaustive Data points to help us validate the market opportunity.
  3. A robust and unique business model to acquire customers and generate revenues.
  4. A working prototype or minimum viable product.

What is unique about joining Class 01 of 2019?

At 100X.VC we use the iSAFE (India Simple Agreement For Future Equity) as the preferred instrument for investing. Visit to understand the benefits and how iSAFE is a founder friendly investment document.

With each founding team, we plan to work intensively for 60-90 days, providing hands- on mentoring to help them build a business model for rapid velocity sales growth. We want our personalised engagement to be the most important contribution to each portfolio company. We hope to help the Founders in shaping their ideas into a viable business for accelerated growth.

We believe that to raise funds, founders must slip into the mindset of an investor. Keeping this in mind, 100X.VC aims to help founders understand the investor mindset. We demystify the essentials to be communicated and how they should be communicated.

Amazing work that founders are attempting to do in changing the narrative of the India story needs our country’s attention. We give startups the podium they deserve with visibility and media exposure based on the needs of each startup. If done properly, it can be extremely useful for hiring, business development and fundraising.

Each corporation has specific needs which can be solved by startups. Getting the right enterprise clients and partners can change a startup’s trajectory. We help founders leverage our deep connections with corporations of all sizes for their business, partnership or co-creation synergies.

We make each startup investable, and prepare them individually for the VC Pitch Day.

What happens on the VC Pitch Day?

When the founders believe that they are ready to blast off, we help raise the next round of growth funding for the startup. Instead of knocking on hundreds of investors’ doors, at 100X.VC Pitch Day, founders get an opportunity to present their idea to a select group of Angel Networks, Venture Funds, Family Offices and Press.

The end goal for 100X.VC is to be the Occam’s Razor for CLASS 01 of 2019. We cut through the confusion and the simplest solutions to the Founders to their problems. We then help the Founders raise their next round of growth funding using iSAFE Notes. We are the launchpad every moonshot needs.

To join the Class 01 of 2019 send your investment deck at

- Sanjay Mehta

Published on: August 12, 2019