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2020: Driving Innovation through Next-Gen Moonshots

A future India where entrepreneurs and enterprises are involved in the identification and pursuit of daunting but doable ideas should be the vision for all of us in 2020. 100X.VC is committed to creating a moonshot culture in the country where founders

Multiple startups are raising more capital than ever before, catapulting many into unicorn status and even opting into the IPO route– case in point WeWork which fell short on multiple accounts, and yet was touted as the second most valuable start-up until recently. The

India of 2019 is a changed country compared to the last decade. With market enablers like availability of cheaper smart phones, low mobile data tariffs and an ever increasing digital literacy, Digital India has progressively been moving towards more inclusive growth. The Indian e-commerce and

Early stage investors are approached by Startups typically when the founders have nearly finished building their product and are looking to raise capital for growth – defined here as business development, sales & marketing. While startups at this stage could be of interest, the investor