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MSME Value for Startups - Atmanirbhar Stimulus Package

There is no doubt that the MSMEs are today the precursors of India’s economic growth. Today they are major contributors to the tax base of India. The government has run several developmental avenues for the empowerment and expansion of the MSME sector. It's beyond any

Will the real entrepreneurs please stand up? These are hard, unsettling times, full of unknowns, brought to us courtesy of COVID19; But this is what all entrepreneurs sign up for, knowing that they will have to chase their vision through terrible adversity. This is

Note: This blog is for first time entrepreneurs who are looking to raise their first cheque. “There are apocryphal stories on founders being able to raise funds via email pitch”. Founders need to understand that no VC is going to invest money on email

At 100X.VC, we believe in the India story. We have strong conviction that there are many gritty entrepreneurs who will build innovative solutions to the myriad daily problems. In order to make the India story move faster, we will work closely with the founders at

Everything begins with an idea. The powerful imagination of the founder now needs to converted into viable business. Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani had said that “Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one's monopoly.” So, founder will need seed capital to build its dream

Equity dilution works when the same pie is divided among more people. The Founder of a company starts by owning all the shares representing ownership of the company. Over time, other people receive pieces of equity in exchange for work (employee stock options), money (seed,