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Importance Of A Lead Investor (Session Transcript)

I am Sanjay Mehta, Founder and Partner at 100X.VC. I have written this article to provide you with some information on the importance of a lead investor for a startup. (0:36) Let me give you a brief intro about what is 100X.VC. We are

Mr Ninad Karpe: - Good Afternoon, Everyone! Thank you for joining this live 20-minutes session. I am delighted that Ajit is our first guest. We have a new format in which Ajit will speak for 10 minutes and we will have a Q&A for 10

The world of investment in startups for family offices and Angel Investors is a nascent one in India. We, at 100X.VC, conducted an exploration of the merits of iSAFE Notes and why they are the preferred mode of investing. Though there are

If you are the founder of a company trying to raise your first cheque, it is important that you know all aspects of pitching to a venture capitalist. I, Sanjay Mehta, the founder and partner of 100X.VC will give you a few clues which guide

FinTechs & Startups need the right ecosystem to grow and flourish; often founders face challenges in early stage to get the right support system. Instead of focusing on product and market they end up wasting time on valuations and prices. 100X.VC a new entrant in

'Sanjay Mehta's mentorship is worth so much more than all the money invested' Devendra Parulekar, Co-Founder SaffronStays In his journey of starting up, SaffronStays founder Devendra Parulekar considers Sanjay to him what Lord Krishna was to Arjun. Sanjay has been with them from the time

Globally along with early-stage startups, VCs, and other investors, large corporations are also angling to get a slice of the self-driving pie. India would need enormous infrastructure transformation, conducive legislation and incentives for development or import of said technology. Poor infrastructure and Legal challenges

In this episode of Life Self Mastery's Podcast, I talk about my journey into venture investing and how I believe 100X.VC's iSAFE note is an effective investment instrument for startups. You can also check out the episode on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Indian millennials are foraying with innovations into the business venture creating their own startups. These startups can be in food, learning, conceptualising idea etc. Speaking with ZeeBiz on the top 5 things that an entrepreneur must do before launching their startup, Sanjay Mehta -

We have gotten an amazing response from founders who are taking the leap into entrepreneurship across India. Below are some interesting insights from our team on Class 01 of 2019 Pitch Application Statistics: Since the launch of the fund, we have received 1200+ email

Thank you, Samidha Sharma, for extending the invitation to us! 100X.VC was delighted and honoured to be part of a fantastic evening at the Economic Times Startup Awards 2019 comprising of about 300+ notable entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and thought leaders! India's startup ecosystem congregated to celebrate

According to Inc42, Sanjay Mehta - Founder & Partner at 100X.VC took the top position of most active angel investor for H1 2019. The angel investment landscape in India has significantly changed over the last decade. Global platforms such as AngelList are now extremely

Mumbai, July 16, 2019: India's first Fund to invest in 100 startups in a span of one year using iSAFE - India SAFE Notes, launched today. “iSAFE” stands for India Simple Agreement for Future Equity, an alternative to a convertible security note, that is beneficial