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Why We Invested in AgriGator

A decade ago, few bothered about the agriculture sector. It was the era of consumer facing businesses like Flipkart - fueled by a hyper-active consumer base equipped with the latest tech, deep pockets, and fickle purchasing power. VCs focused their attention on the top 20%

There was once a time, not too long ago, when investing in the stock market was considered to be an insider’s game. One had to have years of experience under their belt, access to a whole network of experts and financial advisors who could predict

Just earlier this year, for most of us, getting to work largely meant hitting the road, and not the cloud. While some welcome this transition to working from home, no one will deny that they miss the road. The economy certainly does. The freedom of the

Dialysis, one of the early revolutions in medicine, is said to increase a patient's life suffering from chronic kidney failure by 10-20 years. And yet, the availability and quality of this treatment in India is inadequate. Statistics suggest that in India, around 2,00,000 new patients

The previous decade was marked by the rise of the gig economy. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Etsy, TaskRabbit, and of course, Amazon, created flexible work opportunities that previously did not exist. Instead of punching a clock and counting the years in a single organization, the

Market research is of primary importance for all businesses -- a new business wanting to start operations and an existing business wanting to keep growing. In a country like India, supply is usually not sufficient to meet the demand in many places. The problem lies

Pocketly - Your New BestieImagine being a college student with a head full of dreams and pockets full of “nada” (nothing in your pocket). College years are probably the best years of your life and are also the years during which you are not entirely