2020: Driving Innovation through Next-Gen Moonshots

A future India where entrepreneurs and enterprises are involved in the identification and pursuit of daunting but doable ideas should be the vision for all of us in 2020.

100X.VC is committed to creating a moonshot culture in the country where founders will become inspirational role models. The goal: to catalyze organizations, outliers and capital towards building the next-gen moonshots. It’s not something one can create overnight, working in collaboration with corporates, government and academia would play a pivotal role in fostering this culture. It requires identification of: 
  • Distinct problems that need solving -Business to Business, Business to Customer, B2B2C or Business to Government
  • Technological Advances enabling fulfillment of what was previously not within reach 
  • Potential of a technology which organizations could leverage to foster innovation and increase agility

While daunting, 100X.VC identifies potential moonshots based on the threshold they are nearing and ambition of the endpoint, thus becoming a source of highly curated and validated startups. The doable aspect of an idea, in the form of a minimum viable product or proof of concept, is a critical piece before 100X.VC decides to invest in an early-stage venture.

The recent CB Insights report “Game Changers 2020” citied emerging trends and high momentum startups with world-changing potential in the following categories: 
  • Speed-of-light chips: Photonics based hardware with unprecedented processing power
  • CRISPR 2.0: Developing safer and more precise approaches to gene editing
  • AI transparency: Building trust in AI by analyzing an algorithm’s decision-making process
  • DNA data marketplaces: Enabling the secure exchange of genetic data to reward consumers and enrich medical research
  • Microbiome masters: Targeting the human microbiome to treat both chronic and rare diseases
  • Carbon capturers: Startups removing and recycling CO2 emissions from the atmosphere
  • Quantum cryptography: Protecting sensitive data against the threat of quantum decryption
  • AI based protein prediction: Predicting the structure of proteins to enhance disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Mind-altering medicines: Startups developing psychedelic compounds to treat mental illness
  • Next-gen nuclear energy: New solutions to zero-emission nuclear energy production
  • Electro-charged therapeutics: Treating diseases and ailments with electrical impulses instead of chemical drugs
  • Sustainable shippers: Reducing costs and mitigating the environmental impact of heavy-lift logistics
23 of the 36 game changers (potential moonshots) are based in the US or have moved to the US. However, 5 other countries are home to companies: Canada, Israel, Sweden, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Not even one from India.

Groundbreaking ventures have a 50% chance of success, that is the risky nature of innovation. That’s why making innovation a national priority is important where corporates, government, academia, SMEs, investors and startups work towards inclusive growth.

The path to achieving moonshots rests with exceptional founders. India with its growing domestic consumption would require solutions to be built out for these needs. Entrepreneurs today have a great opportunity to build and scale businesses in the country. If someone as an idea with potential to make not just marginal or incremental difference but to bring about transformative change then our team will figure out how 100X.VC can serve as a force multiplier for them.

After investing in 20 startups through iSAFE in 2019, 100X.VC has opened applications for Class 02. Founders can email their startup decks to pitch@100x.vc and our team will schedule a meeting/call.

If you are a corporate and would like to work with us and our portfolio companies, then submit your details here.

- Shashank Randev

Published on: December 22, 2019