100X.VC Pitch Day FAQ

What is 100X.VC Pitch Day?  
100X.VC Pitch Day is an exclusive event which will showcase all our Class 01 startups. VCs will get a first look at the startups, and interact with founders.

When is 100X.VC Pitch Day?  
December 7th, 2019.

Where is 100X.VC Pitch Day held?  
The event shall be held at Victor Menezes Convention Centre, SINE, IIT Mumbai.

How do I get an invitation to 100X.VC Pitch Day?  
Secure your seat. RSVP here.

Why didn’t I receive an invitation after I applied?  
Regrettably, we have limited seating available for the event. We’d love to see you at a future pitch day.

I'd like someone else at my firm to come with me to 100X.VC Pitch Day.  
They will have to RSVP separately. Kindly RSVP here.

Can I transfer my invite to someone else?  
The invitation to 100X.VC Pitch Day is exclusively meant for you. It is non transferable.
If you would like to recommend other VCs who would potentially benefit, kindly share the RSVP of the event with them.

Can I nominate a fellow partner from my firm?  
You can ask them to RSVP here or if you have an invitation representing a firm and wish to transfer your invitation to another partner, please email us at pitchday@100x.vc

How is 100X.VC Pitch Day structured?  
We request to block the first half of 7th December. The detailed agenda of the event will be shared with you alongside your invitation.

Can I get information on which companies will be presenting?  
Regrettably, we can’t share information on the companies in advance. The list of companies shall be shared at the venue. However, you can check the 100X.VC Blog on 8th December for the list.