Class 05 VC Pitch Day

It's here! By invite only, 100X.VC Pitch Day of Class 05 is being held all online on the 24th and 25th of September, 2021.

100X.VC is inviting Angel Investors, HNIs, Venture Capital Funds, Family Offices and Corporate Venture Capital from around the world looking at being part of the India Story.

To receive your invitation and reserve your seat:

24th September 25th September
India - 9:00 PM India - 11:00 AM
NY - 11:30 AM NY - 1:30 AM
San Francisco - 24th September 8:30 AM San Francisco - 24th September 10:30 PM
London - 4:30 PM London - 6:30 AM
HongKong - 11:30 PM HongKong - 1:30 PM
Singapore - 11:30 PM Singapore - 1:30 PM
Dubai - 7:30 PM Dubai - 9:30 AM
Tokyo - 25th September, 00:30 AM Tokyo - 25th September, 2:30 PM
Sydney - 25th September, 1:30 AM Sydney - 25th September, 3:30 PM

Be part of the largest online gathering of investors from VC funds, Angel Networks, Family Offices with the express goal of enabling one-to-one meetings with 100X.VC funded startups from India. In the coming days leading up to the 100X.VC Pitch day, you will receive more information on the opportunity to invest in Class 05 startups. Come and hear about innovative businesses that have gone through Class 05 of 100X.VC.

To receive your invitation and reserve your seat:

Want to know more? Read 100X.VC Pitch Day FAQ