Inc42: 6 Most Active Angel Investors In H1 2019: Sanjay Mehta, Binny Bansal And More

#1 Sanjay Mehta
“I’m not addicted to funding startups. I’m addicted to working closely with entrepreneurs.”

This statement mentioned by Mehta in his LinkedIn profile clearly defines him as an angel investor. He has angel invested in 103 startup companies in diverse sectors. He is an active member of Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels, B2B 1K Ventures & CIO Angel Network, Venture Nursery.

Mehta recently launched 100X.VC,  the first VC to invest in early-stage startups using India SAFE Notes. It will fund startups based on criteria such as founding team, market size opportunity, business model strength, unfair advantage, moat, the conviction of minimum 20x return.

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- 100X.VC Team

Published on: August 12, 2019