Desi VC Podcast E1: Sanjay Mehta (Founder and Partner, 100X VC)

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Sanjay Mehta is the Founder and Partner at 100X VC, an early stage venture fund headquartered in Mumbai. Prior to 100X VC, Sanjay was one of India's most active and sought after angels, having made over 130 investments. Few of the startups in his portfolio include OYO, Wow! Momo, FabAlley, Box8, LogiNext and Block.One.

Sanjay is an entrepreneur-turned-investor and before his investing days, he founded MAIA Intelligence which was eventually acquired by Datamatics Global Services Ltd.

You can follow Sanjay on Twitter – @mehtasanjay. While you’re at it, you can follow me too – @bhatvakash (TW) and @bhatvakash (IG). You may also read up more about me on The Desi VC website.

In this episode you will learn:`

  1. Sanjay’s background and foray into investing
  2. Why he backs founders who have failed
  3. SAFE notes and iSAFE Notes
  4. What he looks for while investing in startups
  5. Steps in the evaluation process during an investment
  6. Areas and sectors of investments for 100X VC
  7. Where 100X VC and Sanjay stand on investments in Cannabis and Cannabis related startups
  8. His take on single founder startups
  9. Challenges in evaluating B2B SaaS startups
  10. What’s more important – product-market fit or founder-product fit
  11. How Sanjay has evolved as an investor over time
  12. Anti-portfolio – Deals Sanjay missed out on
  13. Advice for startups on fund-raising
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- 100X.VC Team

Published on: February 6, 2020