BW Disrupt: 100X VC Came with a Mind Set that Seed Stage Ecosystem Today is Starved of Capital Sanjay Mehta Founder Partner 100X VC

Tell us about your first entrepreneurial venture. How was that experience?
After my engineering I started a bespoke software company. Where we used to do customized software development for companies. Most of the applications that we built were business applications. Learning about various industries be it across garments, footwear. It was an enriching experience. Learning about accounting principles. What was trial balance, balance sheet etc. Got my basics right. Understanding of various businesses happened. What kind of opportunities existed in those kinds of businesses? We did software for a transport company, gas agency. Whatever came our way we did. I had the opportunity to go to US in early 1999. Saw the dotcom boom, came back and started two dotcom ventures. Failed miserably. Lost all my money. Then started a company called Udyog software. Which was into excise, taxation. It was out first product. It went on to have 12000 customers. We sold it to a US based company. The founder was based out of Hyderebad. Then there was a company called MAIA intelligence which was into analytics, business intelligence.

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- 100X.VC Team

Published on: August 16, 2019