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20 Minutes Live with R Balki: Re-imagining the Film Industry

The impact of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry has been massive, not only in India but worldwide. In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, cinemas have closed, release dates have been postponed, film festivals have been cancelled, and production has come to a halt.

Knorish is an all-in-one ed-tech platform that is on a mission to make online learning the new norm for the next billion users. Kinner Sachdev, the Co-founder of Knorish talks about scaling an online business. Online learning has become the primary mode

In this session of 20 minutes live, Mr. Ninad Karpe, Partner at 100X.VC welcomes all the viewers and introduces the guest expert. Ms. Sonal Holland is the expert for this session. She is a celebrated personality and India’s first and the only Master of Wine

A panel discussion was held between Mr Sanjay from 100X.VC and the founders of BOX8, Mr Amit Raj, and Mr Anshul Gupta. The discussion was about the efforts taken by these entrepreneurs to build their brand and business on a global scale. The impact of

I am Sanjay Mehta, Founder and Partner at 100X.VC. I have written this article to provide you with some information on the importance of a lead investor for a startup. (0:36) Let me give you a brief intro about what is 100X.VC. We are

While the entire world is facing the trouble created due to COVID-19, the impact also has been felt in the real estate sector. A health emergency created out of pandemic has inspired the business to perform work from the home experiment at a global level.

Ranu Vohra has been an avid entrepreneur and an investment banker. The story of how Ranu made capital and overall growth in investment banking and financial advisory and started his own company is an inspiring one. He has been an insider in a lot of

Utpal Sheth is the CEO of RARE Enterprises. He has more than two decades of experience across the entire spectrum of the capital market. With the theme of ‘What Next?’, Utpal shares his views on capital market scenarios. There have been enough discussions on

Branding strategy is an integral part of every start-up’s growth plan. However, it can prove challenging and confusing for a new company. I, Sanjay Mehta, founder and partner at 100X.VC, warmly welcome Brand Guru Jagdeep Kapoor to share his thoughts, insights and advice on the

In today’s uncertain times, it can be helpful for entrepreneurs to understand the situation from an investor’s point of view. I, Shashank Randev, Founder, VC at 100X.VC, warmly welcome Nikhil Kapur to share his insights on the same. Nikhil Kapur is a Partner at

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor barely needs an introduction. And in this section, this Padma Shree awardee, celebrity chef and a food entrepreneur talk about the future of food business. People have been asking about what will happen to the food business. According to Sanjeev Kapoor,

The world is confronting the effects of a pandemic. Tech companies, nonetheless, continue to remain in the spotlight. It is during the time of crises that tech companies can and must provide digital solutions to adapt to the new normal. In this blog, we try

We are passing through the unprecedented times of economic, business, and personal uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has triggered economic downturns and losses on an immense scale around the world. The uncertainty persisting at the depth and length of the economic slowdown has

Arvind Radhakrishnan (Labs Manager, WeWork Labs) and Vivan Puri (Co-Founder,, warmly welcomed Ashesh Shah (Partner, TCVF and Angel, Stanford's Angel's), Ankur Warikoo (Founder,, Ninad Karpe (Founder, 100X.VC) and Vinit Bhansali (Vice President, Orios Venture Partners). An interesting conversation began. Below are the key

Agritech is a sector frequently in the news today. It is not just a booming sector, but also one essential for all our lives. I, Yagnesh Sanghrajka, founder and CFO at 100X.VC, welcome Hemendra Mathur to share his insights about the same. He has worked

Capitalism is based on the ability for businesses, markets, goods and services to be profitable. Businesses need to explain how it is achieved. Milton Friedman, an American economist, has said that businesses should be solely focused on increasing profit, as long as they engage in

Mr Ninad Karpe: - Good Afternoon, Everyone! Thank you for joining this live 20-minutes session. I am delighted that Ajit is our first guest. We have a new format in which Ajit will speak for 10 minutes and we will have a Q&A for 10

Big news these days is that Facebook has invested USD 5.7 billion in the Reliance Jio industry for a 9.99% equity stake. That impact is going to be huge in terms of the startup economy on Indian businesses. Here are some views from the industry

Prospects of Venture Capitalist Landscape in India during COVID-19 Venture Capitalists are the mainstays of any start-up ecosystem and play a dynamic role in business operations. COVID-19 has created an urge for every business to go digital. India's start-up ecosystem is initiating just to

Founders have a tough task ahead of them as they set out to raise their first round of funding. I, Sanjay Mehta, founder and partner at 100X.VC will give you some guidelines detailing how to go about the same. This would also shed light on

Few of us have seen a pandemic as deadly as COVID-19. The global economy is going through uncertainties, risks, and unprecedented changes that are sure to turn the business standards and operations upside down. No wonder all the investors and founders are having a tough

While start-ups are navigating product development and strategy in these uncertain times, it also presents an opportunity to start-ups to focus on becoming lean. I, Vatsal Kanakiya, CTO at 100X.VC will give you some guidelines about lean product development. Need for Start-ups to be

Need for Investor Relations Today While both founders and start-ups are living in unprecedented times at the moment, it is tough yet essential to handle investor relations strategically. Investors are indeed treading cautiously in today’s uncertain times, in both the public and private

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges upon the world. The prospects of emergency situations that will occur after COVID-19 are: Vaccination - Vaccination is going to take at least twelve months for being common in the marketplace. Natural Immunity - Natural immunity is going to

The Government of Kerala recently organised an investors’ meet in Kerala named Seeding Kerala 2020, wherein it invited many investors to discover investment opportunities in the state. As a part of the event, it also invited many successful investors to share their investing strategies and

The world of investment in startups for family offices and Angel Investors is a nascent one in India. We, at 100X.VC, conducted an exploration of the merits of iSAFE Notes and why they are the preferred mode of investing. Though there are

If you are the founder of a company trying to raise your first cheque, it is important that you know all aspects of pitching to a venture capitalist. I, Sanjay Mehta, the founder and partner of 100X.VC will give you a few clues which guide

FinTechs & Startups need the right ecosystem to grow and flourish; often founders face challenges in early stage to get the right support system. Instead of focusing on product and market they end up wasting time on valuations and prices. 100X.VC a new entrant in

'Sanjay Mehta's mentorship is worth so much more than all the money invested' Devendra Parulekar, Co-Founder SaffronStays In his journey of starting up, SaffronStays founder Devendra Parulekar considers Sanjay to him what Lord Krishna was to Arjun. Sanjay has been with them from the time

Globally along with early-stage startups, VCs, and other investors, large corporations are also angling to get a slice of the self-driving pie. India would need enormous infrastructure transformation, conducive legislation and incentives for development or import of said technology. Poor infrastructure and Legal challenges

In this episode of Life Self Mastery's Podcast, I talk about my journey into venture investing and how I believe 100X.VC's iSAFE note is an effective investment instrument for startups. You can also check out the episode on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Indian millennials are foraying with innovations into the business venture creating their own startups. These startups can be in food, learning, conceptualising idea etc. Speaking with ZeeBiz on the top 5 things that an entrepreneur must do before launching their startup, Sanjay Mehta -

We have gotten an amazing response from founders who are taking the leap into entrepreneurship across India. Below are some interesting insights from our team on Class 01 of 2019 Pitch Application Statistics: Since the launch of the fund, we have received 1200+ email

Thank you, Samidha Sharma, for extending the invitation to us! 100X.VC was delighted and honoured to be part of a fantastic evening at the Economic Times Startup Awards 2019 comprising of about 300+ notable entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and thought leaders! India's startup ecosystem congregated to celebrate

According to Inc42, Sanjay Mehta - Founder & Partner at 100X.VC took the top position of most active angel investor for H1 2019. The angel investment landscape in India has significantly changed over the last decade. Global platforms such as AngelList are now extremely

Mumbai, July 16, 2019: India's first Fund to invest in 100 startups in a span of one year using iSAFE - India SAFE Notes, launched today. “iSAFE” stands for India Simple Agreement for Future Equity, an alternative to a convertible security note, that is beneficial